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UNO Stacko is the ultimate stacking block game with an UNO twist! Players try to remove blocks of the same color or number without knocking over the tower. Command tiles (Wild, Reverse, Draw 2 and Skip) add an element of strategy that’s fun for the whole family.

Product features

  • It’s the best of UNO matching by color and number, mixed with an exciting stacking game.
  • Stack blocks by color, number or command -the taller it gets, the harder it is!
  • Game play combines the strategy of UNO with a physical task requiring patience and finesse.
  • Use the action blocks against opponents to get an advantage!
  • UNOStacko makes a great gift for 7 years old and up. Includes 45 colored blocks, loading tray and instructions.

What’s in the box:

  • 45 x colored blocks
  • 1 x loading tray
  • Instructions


  • Age: 7 years old and above

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