About Us

Welcome to Wilford Entertainment!

Imagine a world where every ride is an exciting new adventure, where backyards become off-road experiences, and where sidewalks become racetracks. Here at Wilford Entertainment, we create unique experiences by bringing this world to life with our thrilling and premium ride-ons.

One day, our founder visited a friend’s house and saw a child joyfully speeding around the living room on a homemade vehicle made of cardboard and pillows. This simple act of happiness sparked an idea: to create the best ride-on toys that ignite kids’ imaginations and creativity. We designed a diverse range of ride-ons to fulfill every child’s dream adventure, from sleek sports cars to rugged ATVs.

Wilford Entertainment’s dedication to quality and safety is fundamental. We recognize that your primary concern as a parent is your child’s safety. Because of this, we make sure that every ride-on is constructed to the greatest standards and has an easy-to-use design that makes enjoyment available straight out of the box.

In order to make product information, sales, and support easily accessible, we are building a strong web platform. This platform will give a seamless and fulfilling experience from beginning to end, streamlining the consumer journey. Our goal is to make brand interactions more simple and pleasurable by utilizing digital technology, so that our consumers feel appreciated and supported at every turn.

In our future plan, through collaborations, activities, and events that encourage play, creativity, and family time, we hope to become more involved in our community. Our goal is to create a feeling of community among our clients in order to leave a lasting impression and improve their quality of life.


Why choose us, here the reason

Various Ride-On alternatives: Although many businesses provide the typical ride-on alternatives, Wilford Entertainment distinguishes itself with a variety of goods. We cater to every child’s fantasy journey, making sure there’s something special for every little adventurer, with anything from elegant sports cars to tough off-road vehicles.